Friday, July 27, 2012

We Have Cover Art

Things are happening that make it seem like Murder Comes Unraveled will actually become a book.  I have the final manuscript ready to go to the woman who does the layout and design for me as soon as she returns from vacation, and I have now set up a file at Create Space for this book. This is the first step of their process.  But most of all, we have cover art.


Once again, our cover art was drawn by the talented Charlene Lofgreen. It shows Martha's alpaca, Juan and Joseph, and the ever faithful Falcor in a stall at The Black Hills Fiber Gathering. I love Charlene's painting, and I know the designers at Create Space will turn it into a beautiful book cover.

I'm getting excited. I hope that you are.


  1. Beautiful artwork!

    Your shawl in the previous post is amazing.

  2. I love it. Reminds me of when we had our ranch not long ago. Takes me back in time.