Saturday, August 7, 2010

Juggling Multiple Balls

How are you at juggling? I've realized that this self-publishing business is a lot like juggling. There are many things that need to be done and you seem to need to do them all at once.

I'm publishing through Create Space which is a part of the Amazon family. Once I thought I was ready, I needed to actually contact Create Space instead of just looking at the web site. They responded quickly and set me up with an account management team. These are the people who will help me produce the best product I can and answer all my many questions.

So I have my account on Create Space and all of a sudden, I have a bunch of forms to fill out, questions to answer and files to upload. That has taken a good portion of my day today. One of the files I had to upload was my author photo. Here it is


Then there is the interior of the book. Rather than using Create Space for this, I have chosen to work once again with a close friend who does this professionally. I felt this gave me more control over the interior of my book. Plus it is always more fun to work with a friend than a stranger no matter how nice the stranger is. So today, I sent off the final copy of the manuscript to Linda.

I also chose to provide my own cover art. This was done by my friend Charlene and I love it.

denali dog sketch008 darker

My friend, Kary, is doing the interior artwork. I can tell you that having talented friends is great. Thanks to all of them.

So I have a lot of balls in the air right now and there are still more to toss up: I need to put together my web site, and to do that, I need to figure out how to point my domain name to iweb. They give directions which at the moment look like Greek, but I'll figure it out. Then there are pictures to scan in for the web site and text to write. I also need to put together my publicity package. And while doing this, I need to keep all the other balls in the air.

By the time all of you see Murder Spins a Tale, I should be pretty good at juggling.

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  1. nice picture, great book cover.
    looking forward to it.