Saturday, June 26, 2010

A New Adventure

Starting a new blog is like facing the blank page of a new novel. There is a whole world out there to consider and discuss.

So why a new blog when I have a perfectly good one at Well, partially because I'm starting on a new adventure of self-publishing my mystery, "Murder Spins a Tale" and I wanted to take you on that adventure with me. And, also, because I wanted a blog that centered on my mysteries and my fiber passion.

The advent of print on demand has changed the landscape of the printing and self-publishing industry. Now instead of a writer needing to print five hundred or a thousand books which they then have to store while they market them, they can have their books printed at the time their customers want them. There are numerous print on demand publishers out there. Two of the largest are Lulu and Create Space. After considering my options, I decided to go with Create Space because they are part of the Amazon family of companies and the books they publish are automatically available over Amazon.

I decided to self-publish for two reasons: First, I realized that if I sold my book to a mainstream publisher, I would need to abide by the timeframes of their contracts. This would not be an issue if I wanted a career writing mysteries. But I really don't. I'm retired and I like to set my own schedules and priorities. Self-publishing lets me do that. Second, the mainstream publishing market is very difficult to break into. I have enough faith in my book that I believe it would have been purchased eventually. My rejections have all been very positive - just not positive enough for a purchase. But I got tired of waiting and telling friends and family that it would be available some day. So we start the grand adventure of self-publishing.

Luckily, I have a good friend, Linda M Au who can help me along the way. She has just published her book, "Head in the Sand" with Create Space. It is a very funny book. Look for it on Amazon.

I hope you'll enjoy following me on my adventure. And remember, by being here, you'll be first to know when "Murder Spins a Tale" is available on Amazon for your purchase.

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